Hypnosis Plus is a UK-based educational magazine that mainly focuses on clinical hypnotherapy. It also deliberates articles on issues related to mental health, psychology, and motivational topics. It has sister representations in the Czech Republic and China.


Its distinctive colour is white and blue, featuring models of therapists with a thick blue outline around the magazine cover and topic headlines. It is published annually and available in traditional printed editions. There is an option of subscription. It is also available in selected bookstores such as Amazon, and in the British Library.

Title, genre, policy

The title Hypnosis Plus is a metaphor that implies the advantages of hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis Plus is a nonpolitical magazine which publishes only articles based on research. It has an objective presentation and all facts and references are included.

It publishes articles, interviews with specialists around the world, and press releases.

Historical overview

The creator, an award-winning clinical hypnotherapist Dr Jakub Tencl was inspired to connect his passion for writing with his vocation as a clinical hypnotherapist, and thus Hypnosis Plus became a live project in London in 2019. In November 2019 it received the ISSN. The first issue of Hypnosis Plus was published on 10 March 2020.


Hypnosis Plus brings awareness that hypnotherapy is a scientifically based field. Clinical hypnotherapy is research-based therapy delving into the subconscious mind to assist clients’ needs. The magazine spreads this knowledge globally. The English version explains how the field of clinical hypnotherapy is growing.  


The magazine is circulated to practitioners and students of clinical hypnotherapy, psychologists, motivational coaches, and educators.  It is also read by people who are interested in the subject. The magazine is circulated in the UK, mainland Europe, Asia, and the USA.

The Czech Version


The British Association of Therapists and Hypnotherapists (BATH) was founded by Dr Tencl. One of its projects is to support hypnotherapists in the Czech Republic and a magazine was planned to be part of this project. The project was live in 2019 and received the ISNN in September. The first issue of Hypnóza was published in November 2019. Now the English and Czech versions complement each other. Selected articles are translated from the English version and published in Czech. The hard copy of the magazine is available and there is an option of subscription.

Agenda of Hypnóza

In the Czech Republic hypnotherapy is perceived as the practice of traditional healers and an alternative method. The vocational public does not use too much hypnotherapy in their work. It is difficult to reach certain demographics, though the challenge is to bring awareness that clinical hypnotherapy is a serious complementary method that can be a part of the mainstream healthcare. Hypnóza is to educate and support hypnotherapists in the Czech Republic.

The Chinese Version


The Chinese version commenced during the pandemic and is currently available online only. Selected articles from the English version are translated into Chinese.

Agenda of iHypnosis

We assume that there is an interest and understanding of clinical hypnotherapy in China. The plan is to publish the hard copy and connect hypnotherapists and students globally.


The owner and Editor in Chief is Dr Jakub Tencl. A variety of editors contribute to the magazine. They are usually professional psychotherapists, clinical hypnotherapists, academic journalists, and students of related subjects.  


Czech: https://hypnoza.eu/
Chinese: https://ihypnosis.org.cn