Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that learns, analyses, and applies the strategies by reframing the way we think and see the world to achieve personal goals. This article will explore what NLP is and know about its creators, understand the basic theory and if it is scientifically proven and affects the brain.

“Hypnotherapy must be doing something right because it keeps coming back into the medical field. My message to the drug companies is if you invest, we shall do the research on hypnotherapy for you, and eventually, it will bring the profit to you,”

Hypnosis is an altered and yet natural state of the conscious mind that can be naturally used for therapeutic purposes with the option to amend unwanted habits and behaviours. Hypnosis is a type of psychotherapy. It is generally described as an altered state of the conscious mind. However, hypnosis is a phenomenon that is still being studied.

It was 1985, a young man in America watched a stage hypnosis show and came out with sparkling interest in what hypnosis truly means in modern term. He picked up a book and the journey begun of acquiring knowledge on what is hypnosis, how does it work, what is the myth behind it and why should we receive clinical hypnotherapy.

“There is nothing, no clues. I don’t know what is going to happen; what can you actually do, what are you doing?” A friend of mine asked me in March 2020 when she was laid off from an international company where she had been serving as a senior worker for years. I asked her if she could think of something else she could actually do and maybe work with that.

“Read Terrance Watts, it will help you to know how to understand people better, we are not all the same, and it is important that we find a way to understand our nature so that we can communicate effectively,” guides Trevor Wales, the Welsh Country-based hypnotherapist helping people with mental health issues, addictions, sleep disorders, relationship problems, and grievance amongst with many other personal issues all over the world since 2011.

“Close your eyes for a bit.” Well, how was I supposed to disobey the instruction from the life coach and the hypnotherapist who is improving lives globally? Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Liverpool-based South African Life Coach, Wayne Farrell, continues to assist people from all over the world with fear,

“People always think hypnotherapy is about curing phobias only or some magical cure. Actually, Hypnotherapy can help with preventing diseases and help the well-being of a person,” says the North London-based hypnotherapist, Jason Demant, to Hypnosis Plus.

Hypnosis is a mental state in which the client experiences increased attention and concentration and is in a suggestible state. While hypnosis seems like a sleep-like state, it is better explained as a state of focused attention with vivid fantasies and a heightened state of suggestibility. We generally see the person under hypnosis in a sleep mode, but the client is actually in a state of hyper-awareness.