Breathing is undoubtedly essential for the body and mind. It is very often given importance in terms of the balance of an organism for its physical and mental wellbeing. However, the question that can generally be asked is what happens when there is not enough oxygen intake.

Before we get to the main idea it is useful to explain what a tumour is. On average between 222 and 242 billion cells are produced in the body every day and every cell has a life expectancy of up to 120 days. Every cell is ultimately replaced with a new one. It may now be interesting to mention that the human body contains approximately 37.2 trillion cells.

There might be some unrecognized emotion that runs somewhere in the background of our minds. A logical question would be what that emotion is. Well, for now it is more important to know what happens when the thought process marks this emotion incorrectly as the source of new self-identification.

The Immune system is made up of organs and tissues, including the spleen, appendix, tonsils, thymus, bone marrow and lymph nodes. It is of vital importance for our health and wellbeing, in fact, it is vital for survival, as it protects us from anything that does not belong in us, things like bacteria, viruses, toxins and cancerous cells.

How you feel about your body impacts many aspects of your life; your confidence, self-esteem, boundaries you have with other people, your mental and physical health. Your relationship with your body is the most important relationship in your life. Why?

Setting healthy boundaries with other people in your life is an important part of establishing your identity and is a crucial aspect of mental health and self-care. Weak boundaries lead to anxiety, higher stress levels, feelings of being taken advantage of, disrespected, not acknowledged and are often linked to unhealthy relationships.

Hypnosis works with the “subconscious” part of the mind. So to understand hypnosis, you have to understand how the mind works. So, is there that kind of power in a soothing voice and a swinging watch? Well, it turns out that hypnosis is not just a party trick.

Cancer is related to a significant deterioration in the mental health of patients. Currently, hypnosis is investigated for its ability to assist with various side effects of this disease, such as depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and chronic pain.

The majority of us have linked hypnosis with an image: a man or woman brings out a chained clock, swings it like a pendulum saying something like, "At my count of three, you will do so and so… 1…2…3…!”